Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reimu Figutto!

Sadly, she's not here yet. However, I did just pay for her, so she'll be shipped soon. Sadly, with SAL, not EMS, but right now my wallet couldn't take that.

I "ordered" her earlier, however for some reason the order did not go through. Also it was the last one so when I checked back to ask why my order didn't come process I also found out, well I actually already knew, that it was sold out. Damn it. That's annoying.

Good thing though, two days ago, they received another stock, so I immediately ordered it, together with the Marissa Figutto! on preorder.

For any of interested in her but couldn't buy her due to being out of stock, buy her now at amiami:
Reimu Figutto!~


  1. the colors and designs on her are amazing

  2. But the link only shows me an error ;__;
    >Can't find the requested template. Set='DEFAULT_SET' Language='ja' Type='form'' Name='defa ult/product/e_display.html'

    The voice of that little iroha:
    >I have no hands to caress you with ...

  3. Probably the best poseable Touhou figs.

    >Link seems to be broken.

  4. Changed the link. Strange it didn't work at first, because I copy pasted it. It should work now, though.

  5. I pre-ordered her in January, and after several delays I finally got her last month. ;_;

  6. She's on her way to me right now. I wish she would get here sooner ;_;