Thursday, September 30, 2010

Misaka Mikoto Figure! Also more figures and plushies!

Now that Saber will be arriving tomorrow(probably), I got an Order is Ready mail from amiami. Hopefully it'll arrive somewhere next week.



Now on to the main thing at hand! Only a couple days in, here is my Misaka Mikoto figure from Railgun.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saber will arrive friday! ☆★☆アップデート!!!☆★☆

So it DID go out to the postoffice today. So it will arrive either today but most likely tomorrow! Expect some more posts today but for now this will do~



Preordered, payed for and shipped figures

Here's a list of figures I've payed for, preordered or whatever else can happen with them. There's also a lot on my wishlist. However these are the ones I have money set aside for, or payed for already. Links are included for you faggots who want to buy what I have. It's all cool shit anyway.

Fate/stay night Saber -Triumphant Excalibur- Complete Figure
Payed for, and shipped. Currently waiting customs appraisal.



Index 1/8 Figure

As I said, I got a fair amount of new figures lately, and this is one of them. It's a 1/8th scale Index figure by GoodSmile Company. It's not the newest figure, but I liked it and chose it over another, newer figure. So anyway, let's start with some pictures.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Umineko Portraits

I know for a fact that there are some umineko fags here. A blogger I've recently started following, Sobul, has just made an upload containing high resolution character portraits. This is something I've been searching far and wide for, and probably some of you too.
So I'm not going to keep you from this good find:


Are you....



Right now, I'm rewatching Aria. It's been a while and if any of you watched it, I'm sure you'll remember what a joy it was to watch. Every episode makes me smile, all the characters are cute and lovely and even though there isn't really a story, I still love the fuck out of it.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Sengoku Rance Kou Hime figure Re: Base

So last post you've been reading about the horrible, horrible base I was complaining about. Well, I made a picture with my stupid sexy mobile phone. You can compare the base in the picture with the base on the stock photo provided by Kotobukiya. I hope you see what I mean by butt-ugly.

For some reason I just can't imagine how people decided it was a better idea to take the clear base and change it with this shit. Thanks for ruining a beautiful figure. It was the first Kotobukiya figure I bought, and while it may not be the last, I'll be a lot more careful for now.

Sengoku Rance Kou Hime figure

Since this is a blog about plastics, lets have a post about plastics!

Today I finally got my Sengoku Rance Kou Hime figure in the mail! And it only took 40 days! Gee. The webshop talked about delivery within 1-2 weeks. I guess they made a typo because it's more like 1-2 months. Anyway, here are some photos:


Retard driver

Well, it's not the newest, but as a first post, I thought I'd go with something not too fresh. Here's a guy doing a donut. Just watch, it's only 10 seconds long: