Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Right now, I'm rewatching Aria. It's been a while and if any of you watched it, I'm sure you'll remember what a joy it was to watch. Every episode makes me smile, all the characters are cute and lovely and even though there isn't really a story, I still love the fuck out of it.


Which brings me to the point of writing this entry. I am pissed at myself for never buying an Aria figure. These are some figures I would have bought. And now that I can't find these or other nice ones anymore, I am sad. I've found a few Aria figures but I don't like them a lot. And with the cost of importing them and customs it just isn't worth it for me. So I've told myself to just buy figures I like and not wait months or years.


  1. I have not watched Aria yet, I will put it on my to watch list! I have heard people say it is a relaxing show.
    Yes it is wise to get a figure that you want when it is first released, otherwise it potentially becomes a can never have item. Depressing.

  2. I have watched and rewatched Aria. It's so great I want to rewatch it all the time. Everything is wonderful, and there is Akari...

    And I'm just like you. I never had the chance to order some Aria figures, and can't find any anymore. We are so unlucky...

  3. Hnggg, I only finished the first season, but it's really cute.