Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flyable Hearts' Inaba Yui by GoodSmile Company

Today another shipment of figures arrived. I thought I'd be no sooner than tomorrow but somehow it got here earlier than I expected. It came bearing four treasures: Inaba Yui, Mio and Reimu and Marisa plushies. Now I've got a few more figures to review, but I decided to go for Yui. Why? Because she's got an awesome feature I haven't known about yet, and isn't advertised on the box anywhere and I haven't seen it online either. But that may be me not looking correctly. In any case, let us get on with the pictures.

This is her front view. As you can see there's a lot of action going on, hair floating around, skirt up, donut on her piehole.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nakano Azusa by Alter

Since you guys REALLY wanted me to, I maked picturzzz.

She's a 1/8th figure by Alter. The good thing is that Alter is going to release the entire band. The bad thing is that I'll end up a poor schmuck. And with Mio being shipped as we speak and Mugi at the end of the month Azunyan won't have to feel alone anymore.

Anyways, let us go on with some pictures. These ARE what you've been expecting, right?


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So it has been a while.

For those of you that still DO care about reading this blog, I'm updating! Right now I don't have a whole lot of stuff to talk about. There may be a couple of things I'll go over this week.

One of which are figures. Whee. I've got a Azunyan by Alter to review for a while now, and my Yui Inaba from Flyable Heart will come soon, together with Mio from K-On! I also have another Saber to post pictures of, an old Saber Lily by Alter. And, if people care, I have a Prop Plus Petit Railgun box, with 10 small figures from the Railgun series.

Secondly, I've finally started on a VN. It's been two years at least since I finished one and although I always download every translated visual novel I've only played about 4 or 5 so far. I've started with Umineko, this is also to blame for not posting anything. So far I'm liking it, but due to the massive amount of threads on /jp/ I can't say I haven't been spoiled. So far I've already "forseen" everything as I've already read most of it. I was a little scared that this might make it less enjoyable overall, but somehow I'm not minding it a lot. It still is an enjoyable story and it still is interesting in its way. Right now I'm about to finish EP1 and beside sleeping this has been taking a large part of my day. It's even overtaken my daily amount of /jp/ and /fap/. So my protein levels are dangerously high.

Third, Oh Mai Gah!! I've actually studied one or two kanji a day each day so far. Okay, it's less than I had hoped for, which was five a day. But daaayaam. I'm actually doing shit guys. I'm workin it hard, getting a daily dose and I'm getting it good. Now maybe when I'll finish Umineko I might do more because there'll be more time in a day(yeah right). Well, happy thoughts for now, let us keep this up.

For now, no picture, sorry. I might put one up later. For now, I just want to go to sleep, I'm buzzed also, so I'll probably sleep well. Good night /jp/.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Second day, why doing nothing is better than doing something.

Oh man. After a 14 hour long sleep/coma, I woke up. Thought of reviewing some more Nipponese. So I got up, said good morning to my beautiful girls that are displayed next to my bad and took a seat and turned on the screen to my battle station. Seeing nothing interesting enough to keep me from taking a whizz and to make some coffee, I went downstairs. Yes, everybody is gone. So I take my coffee up to the attic and check my email. Yes, Reimu Figutto! just shipped via SAL parcel. /jp/, nothing interesting.

Okay now for some kanji grindan. 3 hours later: I've fapped 4 times, fired up /jp/radio, did 1 kanji, in between faps and drank three cups of coffee. Oh man, how hard can it be to keep your mind to one thing for more than five minutes? Beautiful 2D for one, taking about 20 minutes or so. Oh god.

Now, it's not because I hate studying languages. I'm fluent in my mother language(durr), and I consider me near-fluent in English, at least at the level that writing makes it hard to distinguish between natives and me. Then there's German, which I'm not fluent at, but can understand most conversation and make small talk. Damn that's one annoying language. There's another two or so languages of which I have more than basic knowledge of too. And then there's Japanese.

So why is this so hard? It's not the kanji, those aren't a problem at all. It's not that I don't know HOW to study languages, because I've learned enough languages. I think it's because it's at least six years ago since I honestly studied. It's just so hard to get into it again. Yesterday it felt so much more like a breeze than it does today. It's not that it's about liking or hating Japanese either. When I finish and meet my goals I'm satisfied as hell. Which I haven't been in a while either. I think my brain is rotten. ;_;

Also, more Nappi ;_;

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Posts man, posts.

So basically after doing nothing today, and almost nothing yesterday, I'm making a post again. Not a great post, maybe. But a post none the least.

Right now, before going to sleep(yes, best part of the day), I just studied some Nipponese again. Before going on with that, the standard firefox spellchecker thinks Nipponese is a valid word. Now I'm not an English native speaker, but that strikes me as odd. Very odd.

Moving on to the Japanese. I've spend about a couple of hours to find out about how far I am, and what I've remembered from my past tries. I know I was about at 300 words, including compounds, before. After doing some shitty meguro language center test it came out at around 100. Okay, nice. But I still don't really care about that. So I started up Kanjidicks again and just started from the beginning.

Since it's been ages since studying anything, I'm easying in myself, maybe picking up the pace later. I've studied the first thee pages. 一,二,三。 One, two and three. Now these are simple of course. As seen in other methods, you don't learn squat about compounds with the kanji you learn. But with kanjidicks you do. So I've also learned about 12 or so compounds, so I've also boosted my actual vocabulary.

Tomorrow I'll try to do three, or maybe five. But since I'll also be following Tae Kim's Grammer Guide again, I can't really say. But for now, this is my post. I'll try and continue this tomorrow.

Have a stupid sexy Nappi:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reimu Figutto!

Sadly, she's not here yet. However, I did just pay for her, so she'll be shipped soon. Sadly, with SAL, not EMS, but right now my wallet couldn't take that.

I "ordered" her earlier, however for some reason the order did not go through. Also it was the last one so when I checked back to ask why my order didn't come process I also found out, well I actually already knew, that it was sold out. Damn it. That's annoying.

Good thing though, two days ago, they received another stock, so I immediately ordered it, together with the Marissa Figutto! on preorder.

For any of interested in her but couldn't buy her due to being out of stock, buy her now at amiami:
Reimu Figutto!~

Monday, October 4, 2010

Guitar 101? Oh crap!

Last post I described a song which I couldn't remember. Also I said that if nobody knew it, by the tabs alone, I'd try and record it. Well, I have, and I think it came out alright. With some cleanup I was able to get rid of a lot of noise. Sadly, a couple of strange clicks remain, please look past those. Also, at the end I felt like playing a little something, I'm sure most of you will recognize it.

What is this? + Surprise

Once more, for those who play guitar you can now strum(actually fingerpick) along with 2cat on guitar. Yeah~ So here's the tabs again:


For those that DONT play guitar, just take your dad's and play along. The low e, which is represented by the lowest dotted line here, is the upper, most fat string on your guitar. The higher E, represented as the highest dotted line is the most thin one, at the bottom of your guitar. A zero, 0, means open string, so don't touch any frets, which are the metal thingies and just strum it once. If there's a number higher than 0, you have to put your finger just before the metal fret and strum. The "s" means to slide your finger to the next number, ie 2s4 means that you don't take off your finger and move it to the fourth fret, you just slide it over the string still pressing down on it, towards the fourth fret. RETSU PUREI~

Hows that for Guitar 101?

Also, have the complete Onii-chan album: