Sunday, October 3, 2010


Recently I've been mesmerized by a bunch of songs. I don't even think you can call them songs really.They're nothing more than a bunch of girls say onii-chan over and over again. And oh my god. It' amazing.

It makes me feel like a real onii-chan. It makes me feel like a trusted onii-chan. But not just trusted, also a lewd one. Because lewd onii-chans are the best onii-chans. I think it's best for you to listen yourself, if you'd like. It's only one song now, because all the songs together are too big to upload to mediafire. Besides, I'm really tired and want to go to bed, so I'll get to that later, I promise.


But I've also got a request for you guys. Maybe there's a few of you who play guitar. If you do, whip yours out. I've got some tabs for you, which you can probably read. The thing at hand is that it's a small part of what I think is an instrumental Touhou arrangement. However, I've heard it only once on /jp/radio and forgot to note down the name to download it.

Also, the ~ means you're supposed to let it ring.


This is how I believe it went. I'm not entirely sure the last 7 was actually in it, but I included it anyway. Anyways, if none of you guitar playing readers know this, I'll try to record this so you other readers might be able to guess too. I'll have to figure out how to record things though. If any of you know, it would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know.

2cat out.

Edit: had to set the tabs to courier,  default screwed with it badly.


  1. I don't know how to play any instruments whatsoever.

  2. >I don't know how to play any instruments whatsoever.

  3. I have a guitar so I'll play this in a bit, looks very easy to play, but it's kinda hard without listening to the song first.

  4. very nice
    i like it
    supportin !

  5. I'm with Hip-Hop Hikikomori, I have no musical ability...

  6. oh snap I'm buying a guitar later today, wish me luck

  7. >I don't know how to play any instruments whatsoever.
    Some day I am going to afford buying a guitar, and I am going to learn to play it.

    Also, thanks for the "song".

  8. This sounds weird on my guitar, of course I have it heavily distorted and am probably playing it wrong